Tim Wind graduated as a psychologist in 2006 and has been registered as a clinical psychologist since 2017. He specializes in the treatment of psychotrauma and personality disorders within Centrum45. In addition, he works within his own psychotherapy practice.

Tim Wind

Online treatment

Within Centrum ’45 Tim is program manager e-health and associate professor e-health. He is the national ambassador for e-health within mental health care in the Netherlands. He is a co-founder of the psychotherapy practice Amsterdam Centrum.

Training, education and research

Tim works as a senior lecturer in digitization at RINO Amsterdam within the training of Clinical Psychologists. He works as an e-health teacher within the RINO group in Utrecht. He is a conference speaker on e-health (ESTSS, PsyExpert, NIP)


As a senior researcher (PhD), his research program focuses on integrating scientific research within mental health through the statistical processing of treatment outcomes, defining subgroups of patients benefiting from specific forms of psychological treatment, and validating studies related to on measuring instruments within mental health care. This research is conducted within a collaboration of Utrecht University and The School Of Public Health at Harvard University. Tim is a co-supervisor for a study of the EMDR app. He is developing research into Virtual Reality EMDR, together with Ad de Jongh and Suzy Matthijssen.