Online treatment has accelerated since the beginning of this year. Due to the Covid-19 virus it is currently not possible to treat people face-to-face. Leaving clients to their own devices is also not an option. That is why eHealth is more important than ever before. Are you not yet familiar with online treatment or do you find it exciting to take the first step? Are you looking for support for your online sessions?

Together with a number of experts from the field, eHealth Specialists are happy to help you with our different Masterclasses! For only € 99.95 per Masterclass series you can fully prepare yourself for online treatment and we will bring eHealth closer!

The Masterclasses are divided into 2 series. Each series consists of 10 episodes, each with its own theme. Various experts such as Prof. dr. Sue Johnson, Prof. dr. Heleen Riper, Prof. Susan van Hooren, Prof. dr. Vikrma Patel and Prof. dr. David Bernstein talk about the approach to online psychotherapy with regard to their own theme. Prepare for online treatment now!

Online Masterclass eHealth
Series I

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Online Masterclass eHealth
Series II

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Online Masterclasses E-health – Series I

Online Masterclass eHealth – Series I is a masterclass focused on online psychotherapy. In a series of 10 episodes, experts from the field explain how to apply different therapies. A.o. the following topics are covered: Schema therapy, Trauma therapy, Group therapy and Child & youth.

Watch all episodes now for only € 99,95.


1. Online Traumatherapie
dr. Suzy Matthijssen and dr. Tim Wind

2. Online psychodynamic psychotherapy
prof. dr. Patrick Luyten

3. Virtual reality
dr. Albert Skip Rizzo

4. Online schema therapy
dr. Odette Brand, Remco van der Wijngaart and Bram van der Boom

5. Online treatment of psychosis and SMI
Marijke van Putten, Nancy Majoor, Bart Vemer

6. Online group therapy
dr. Haim Weinberg, Bram van der Boom, Pepijn Steures

7. Online child and youth treatment
Marley Steeghs, dr. Andreas Lamerz, Bart Vemer

8. Online addiction treatment
prof. dr. Heleen Riper, Judith van Marle and Jorien van den Bosch

9. Online expressive/art therapy
Joep Kolijn and prof. Susan van Hooren

10. Blended and online CBT
prof. dr. Heleen Riper, dr. Yvonne Stikkelbroek and Bart Vemer

Online Masterclass eHealth – Series II

Series II of the Online Masterclass eHealth will start from mid-April. Experts from all over the world like Prof. dr. Sue Johnson, Prof. dr. Allan Abass, Prof. dr. Vikrma Patel and Prof. dr. David Bernstein talk about how to apply specific treatments online. A.o. the following topics are discussed: Emotionally focused therapy (EFT), Psychodynamische psychotherapie (ISTDP), Suicide prevention en Elderly care.

The episodes can all be followed live. After the live sessions, the episodes are stored online so that you can watch them at any time. The episodes and accompanying documents remain available up to 3 months after the live sessions.

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1. Emotionally focused therapy (EFT)
dr. Sue Johnson and Karin Wagenaar
Follow live on April 14 at 8pm

2. Online psychodynamische psychotherapie (ISTDP)
prof. dr. Allan Abass
Follow live on April 15 at 8pm

3. Online LVB
prof. dr. Geert van Hove, Kamiel Zijderveld and Rianne Dekker
Follow live on April 16 at 8pm

4. Online treatment of grief
prof. dr. Geert Smid and prof. dr. Paul Boelen
Follow live on April 22 at 8pm

5. Online treatment of pain disorder and distress
prof. dr. Wim Veling and Louis Zantema
Follow live on April 24 at 8pm

6. Telehealth within global mental health
prof. dr. Vikram Patel (Harvard University)
Follow live on April 28 at 6pm
NOTE: this webinar starts at 6pm instead of 8pm

7. Online elderly care
Tanja Su en Esther van Elswijk
Follow live on 29 april at 8pm

8. Online suicide prevention
prof. dr. Ad Kerkhof
Follow live on April 30 at 8pm

9. Online mentalization based treatment (MBT)
prof. dr. Anthony Bateman
Follow live on May 4 at 8.30pm
NOTE: this webinar starts at 8.30pm instead of 8pm

10. Online schema therapy – borderline and narcissism
prof. dr. David Bernstein and Limor Navot
Follow live on May 11 at 8pm

Donation research Covid-19

A vaccine to prevent Covid-19 is currently being sought and scientists are developing a drug. By participating in the Masterclass (es) you automatically donate to the research into Covid-19. Part of the proceeds, at least 7% and a voluntary contribution from our guest speakers, will be donated to the Corona Research Fund Amsterdam UMC. For more information about what they do, visit


There is currently an application for accreditation for our master classes. We assume 10 PE-points per Masterclass (1 PE-point per episode). The application was submitted to the following authorities, among others:

  • FGZPT (clinical (neuro-) psychologists
  • NVvP (psychiatrists)
  • NVP Kwaliteitsregister (psychotherapists BIG)
  • NIP register eerstelijnspsychologie (primary psychologists)

Want to know more about accreditation and how you can qualify for your PE points? Then click here.

Online Masterclass eHealth
Series I

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Online Masterclass eHealth
Series II

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The online Masterclasses eHealth are made possible by PsyXpert