RINO amsterdam and Ehealthspecialists are combining their expertise in a new and inspiring concept: the online Learning Labs, that will provide you to enhance your online skills as a therapist. 

RINO Amsterdam is an institute for continued education within the field of Mental Health Care located in Amsterdam. Ehealthspecialists is a collaboration of Dutch experts in the field of online mental health interventions.

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Foster your skills as a therapist

The Learning Labs provide you with an opportunity to deepen your knowledge off and experience with online mental health interventions in an interactive online setting under the guidance of the world’s most influential specialists. The Learning Labs are hands-on; at least half of the lab will be spend on practicing online skills. To ensure practicing and interaction we work with small groups.  The duration of a Learning Lab is at least 6 hours. Most of the labs are accredited.

The topics of the Learning labs

The Labs are a follow up on the successful webinars provided by Ehealthspecialist first quarter 2020. Webinars you might have attended. Below you’ll find the Learning Labs that are currently available.

Launch of the Learning Labs

To get you acquainted with our innovative Learning Labs and to give you a glance of the newest developments in the Mental Healthcare we kick-off by Skip Rizzo. He will show you how we can improve lives through virtual reality therapy.  The same which we aim with our Learning Labs, improving your skills as a therapist in an modern and online setting. We offer this 3 hour Learning Lab for a special introductory price and is now open for registration!


18 June 2020
Clinical Virtual Reality: A Brief Review of the Future!
Learning Lab by Skip Rizzo Ph.D.

25 and 29 June 2020
Online Group Therapy
Learning Lab by dr. Haim Weinberg

15, 16, 23 and 24 September 2020
Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)
Learning Lab by Elisabeth Schauer & Katy Robjant

October 2020
Learning Lab by Annelies Spek

16 and 23 October, 11 December 2020 and 29 January 2021
Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT)
Learning Lab by dr. Patrick Luyten

9 October 2020
Limit Setting
Learning Lab by David Bernstein & Limor Navot

15 and 22 October
Learning Lab by Ad Kerkhof

Four days in November and December 2020
Attachment Based Family Treatment (ABFT)
Learning Lab by Suzanne Levy, Guy Bosmans & Guy Diamond

20 November and 11 December 2020
Online behandeling en diagnostiek eetstoornissen
Learning Lab by prof. dr. Sandra Mulkens, Hermien Elgersma. Rozemarijn Vos, Renate Neimeijer

Two days in November 2020
Traumatic grief
Geert smid & Paul Boelen

29 January and 12 February 2021
Imaginary Rescripting
Learning Lab by Agnes van Minnen

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