Bart Vemer graduated in 1997 as a psychologist and has been registered as a mental healthcare psychologist since 2002. He has been active in the field of e-health for more than 10 years. Initially he did this in his role as manager at GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord, where he was involved in the implementation of projects related to blended treatment, ROM and the EPD.

Bart Vemer

Online treatment

In 2013 he moved to Paris for 4 years. He then started his practice Aeffectivity therapy + coaching; the first 100% online blended practice in the Netherlands. From the very beginning, he was a great advocate of e-health, and he has very positive experiences about this way of working. Since 2019, he and a number of colleagues started Sobriety Online , a 100% online practice for people with mild addiction problems. He also works as a freelance practitioner at GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord, where he is responsible for online treatment of clients with serious psychological and psychiatric problems. It appears that client treatment within specialized mental healthcare is also possible.

Education and training

Bart has been working as a teacher and trainer since 2014, in addition to his work as a practitioner. At RINO Amsterdam he teaches online communication and innovation for PioG and POH-GGZ. At the RINOgroep Utrecht he teaches online communication for POH-GGZ. He is a senior lecturer in innovation working within the GZ psychologist training at RCSW in Nijmegen. And at VU University Amsterdam he now works as a guest lecturer in the Master’s program in Clinical Psychology. He is also regularly asked to provide training and inspiration sessions and to speak at conferences on e-health.


Bart is active as a consultant and has advised management at various institutions and practices on online treatment and starting a digital clinic. Examples include Amici Psychologists, Fortagroep, PEP Psychologists, GGZ De Hoop, GGNet, Vitaalpunt, etc. He is also co-founder of DiSofa Psychologists Practice.